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ASEE 2019 Conference

Nick Sattele

  • Undergrad Research Assist, Dept of Engineering Education

Nick Sattele, URA, and Katherine Tanner, URA (FYRE alum) participated in the 2019 American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference. 

Event Background:  The 2019 ASEE Annual conference was held June 16-19 in Tampa, FL.  This annual conference includes many technical sessions presenting a wide range of topics related to engineering education.  

FYRE Participation:  Nick Sattele presented a paper in the Computers in Education Division.  This paper was co-authored with Dr. Krista Kecskemety and Dr. Kadri Parris and focused on the implementation of zyBooks into the first-year engineering MATLAB course.   Nick, also presented a paper focused on the Entrepreneurial Mindset in our first-year engineering labs to the Entrepreneurship & Engineering Innovation (ENT) Division.  This paper was also co-authored with Dr. Krista Kecskemety and Dr. Kadri Parris and was also presented as a poster at the ENT awards poster session.

FYRE alum, Katherine Tanner presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Krista Kecskemety and Dr. Rachel Kajfez to the Educational Research and Methods division.  This paper was a continuation of our work on major selection of engineering students.  This paper examined a longitudinal data about major selection.

Future Plans:  The FYRE research group plans to continue to publish and present at this conference in the future.  The 2020 conference will be in Montreal!

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