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Honors Undergraduate Thesis Defense: Laine Rumreich


Laine Rumreich

  • Graduate Research Associate, Dept of Engineering Education








Laine Rumreich, URA, defended her undergraduate thesis before advisor Dr. Krista Kecskemety and thesis committee member Dr. Richard Freuler. The defense was held on December 6th, 2019 at The Ohio State University. Laine is the first undergraduate student to earn Research Distinction through the Department of Engineering Education at this university.

Event Background: To complete an Honors Research Distinction, undergraduate students in the College of Engineering are required to defend his/her thesis before a faculty committee. Typically, these defenses last approximately an hour with time for a presentation and questions. 

FYRE Participation: Laine Rumreich detailed the development and results of her study on student perceptions and use of iPad technology. She passed her defense and is now wrapping up her undergraduate thesis. The faculty committee (as well as Laine's invited guests), were impressed with Laine's research and look forward to her work on future FYRE projects.

Future Plans: Laine's thesis will be published to the OSU Knowledge Bank in the upcoming spring semester. Laine will also be wrapping up her study on the complexity of the First-Year Engineering Software Design Project, working on some publications, and transitioning into her new role as a researcher on a KEEN Entreprenurial Minded Learning (EML) project starting next semester. She is set to graduate in May 2020 and will start graduate school in 2020 at OSU to pursue a M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering.  We are all very thankful to have Laine as a part of FYRE and the first student to sucessfully defend an undergraduate thesis in the research group.

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